School organization as a dangerous move for the elderly activities

  on Sunday and Monday is day of weekend breaks school rules, late in the evening when counselors announced one thing. A old apartment next to the school, for dozens of years, and is already dangerous.

Government grants cover new pension apartments for the elderly, because elderly people there are mostly elderly, action is not very convenient. School organized a moving company in Shenzhen to help older people moving activities, students don't start very happy, thought when amount of weekend, then felt that this was a young, and helping the elderly is the traditional virtues of our country. So students are really active participation, dinner at noon began the collection went to the apartment. To the apartment, and found a bunch of old man and old woman are sitting on a small bench to greet us. Apartment head excitedly holding the instructor's hand. Welcome we are also very excited to feel proud, and counselors began our work and needed its own moving company phone which is in Shenzhen, down to 5 and moved two of them. I told Yao and several buddies began his work with the school. In fact, wanted to help the old man know himself up a bit, when we walk in the door I found basic already sorted, only we probably pick up, and received no little tuk-tuk went on. Too busy for a few hours, but also not too tired. Basically done, feeling very happy. Schools are satisfied with our performance.

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