Moving to a new House how to purify the air in the room

  before we moved, to decorate the new House his furniture is unavoidable, Shanghai moving company, our decoration, furniture and wall decoration materials, is generally used by paint thinner and waterproofing materials.

these materials contain formaldehyde, and fixing up the House on completion must be left vacant for some time, House decoration containing less formaldehyde, followed by ceramic tile and marble flooring on the ground, are also ground decoration choice. But we know that the characteristics of formaldehyde is highly adhesive. When we were in the House after the first renovation, formaldehyde has been our air, and when the second decoration of housing and high formaldehyde content will continue to change. So how to remove formaldehyde in our new House, first prepare the 250 grams of tea, and then play two pots of water, and then put into the new House tea, and open the Windows of the House. It can better contribute to the diffusion of formaldehyde in the houses. 48-hour indoor formaldehyde concentration decreases by more than 90%, more sharp taste is essentially eliminated. Then buy 750 g of activated carbon, on the housing, activated charcoal is evenly divided into many parts. And then placed in the four corners of the House. Shanghai moving company phone that, basically, the 3rd time indoor formaldehyde would be better removed. Two steps you can easily clean up our new House. New houses are good for our bodies and keep us the ventilation of the room is to purify the air of the room the most simple way.

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