How to start a small moving company

  today's society after all is a community of money, have money what all work well. When we want to start do not know how to feel helpless, but when we go through this period of time after which you will be enlightened.

remember a friend at high school graduation, home to tens of thousands of dollars. Wants to start a moving company in Guangzhou, he found several of my classmates. When a few students are feeling pretty fresh, and also mixed with some money. To the trade and Industry Bureau to complete the business license. I had to understand it, because at the time when Guangzhou moving company phone or less does not matter so much. A service cost more than 10,000 yuan. Then apply for commercial licenses, road transport management Department of road transport permits, handling of tax registration certificate there is organization code, after we go through all these procedures will be able to buy a car business strategy. Moving van recommended buy more fuel-efficient, so you can save costs. There is better is get familiar with the road when the driver, so you can avoid traffic jams and traffic congestion. Of course, we can choose our scope of work can be their own lives around. Can we go to the area, where can we understand. Our understanding of the terrain, and we can be faster, more efficient completion of our work. Full time so that we can use to get more profits, such a process is also about a month or so. Complete our moving company can basically be opening.

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