For the three gorges project moving family tribute

  that years we national has a great of engineering, that is three gorges water engineering, this engineering cost consumption force are is big, and three Gorges Dam accounted for to area is wide, this will live in three gorges near of villagers are Guangzhou moved company has, because this engineering we national of water career has great of improve, to let people are can using Shang enough of electric, and to let people reduced dry flood disaster, this has is cannot fail to built of engineering, this is people must to moved has.

that years n multiple family received has this moved of message, let people left generations life of place, this will is people to made of more big of difficult of decided Ah, let who also not willing to left himself generations life of place, but to built this engineering, this is must to let those villagers moved of, for this dilemma of problem, alone is a very difficult of things, because if people insisted on not moved Government and can do does, have people to have world, So Government began to three gorges villagers explained three gorges of use and built success will to people brings of benefits, so to later finally all are moved has, they even not willing to left himself generations life of place, but in national da Yi before those family also is moved has, they is to national people can had Shang day Guangzhou moved company phone of, they sacrifice has on home of deep feelings Yu not homes, to fulfill more of people, was three gorges repair built Hou, we of family not because electricity households too much and blackout Or so many droughts, which are those who move away from the three Gorges reservoir of three gorges villagers played in, so we would like to extend my most sincere thanks.

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