Atomic bomb for the first time to move

  bomb is human near history Shang most badly of weapons one of has, bomb is subsection a very with lethality of weapons has, he of appeared shocked has world, he of appeared is a moved of form appeared of, and also is transnational moved Guangzhou moved company, this is bomb of suffered, just was born Yu world on moved has, but bomb of moved is let people very with excited to things, although some species because bomb moved by has hurt, but those sword species should by that hurt, Because they give people more, and even implicated in the world.

said bomb, that is a war of damage God, that is destruction of synonymous with, but bomb on we national does is has many kindness of, although Qian several bomb not was born in we national, but bomb just was born Shi on moved has, we should thanks that on bomb of moved, although not from we national moved to those sword species of territory, but they moved success has, this on for we national made has many contribution, that on bomb moved is they species of first times, They moved let those sword species experience to has full of "warm", and now we national also has has bomb, but China of bomb also no moved had home, they also no for sword species are sent "warm", but they has do has moved of prepared, they has ready, they has pair good of moved had home of compatriots, they may will like they of that on compatriots as has good of gene, now those never get "warm" of sword species are of compatriots also to they of ancestors as has sword species are of gene, So the bomb and look forward to moving our country, due to good genes, Guangzhou moving company if they call moving must be for that weapon is sent to "warm", I expect the move of China's atomic bomb, what about you?

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