An Apple move

  people seems to is with moved up of, but reality is not human moved up, all species may will moved, but I not scientists I also no capacity to research is will moved, but theory should is as of, but at least and many also is can research of moved of, Apple is which a, Apple with most fruit as, are is mother roots in underground, himself in mother of arms in chic of swaying with.

Apple of mother due to compared great, to care more of Apple, so rarely Shenzhen moved company, Apple mother himself General is not moved of, because moved will wear himself of energy, to more Apple children are, so Apple mother not moved, but Apple are on not as has, they is will moved of, they with people as, in mother arms in growth, dang they adult Hou may on will left mother, himself moved to distance, although each Apple will moved, but we General are not care, But is has a Apple because moved promoted has science of development, that Apple of moved is caused has people of note, into has most famous of Apple, said that day a Apple to moved, in wind son of send-off Xia he on left mother moved has, due to in Shenzhen moved company phone of when no watch and Newton hit in with occurred has accident, OK are no injury, but Newton because this Apple moved get feel, so he created has gravitation a said, so has has gravitation of conclusion, This becomes an important chapter in the scientific community, Newton received a high honor, and it's an Apple moving leads, so the apples are famous, became Apple will always be remembered, this is because we met with Newton.

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